Do you need to write your marital summary for your Catholic annulment?

Are you dreading it?

Do you wonder what to write? What to leave in? What to leave out?

Writing your Catholic annulment statement is probably the most critical submission to the Tribunal because it makes your case in detail for your annulment. In some ways the Tribunal is like a Catholic Church court. Your annulment statement is your evidence. That is why your marital statement is so extremely important.

I am a lifelong Catholic who helps petitioners (and respondents) write their annulment statements for the Tribunals. I have the necessary background as a Catholic, an interviewer, and a writer to make sure you present the best annulment statement possible to the Tribunal. Here are some of the U.S. Catholic dioceses I have helped petitioners or respondents in: Allentown, Altoona-Johnstown, Arlington, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Beaumont, Birmingham, Boston, Brooklyn, Burlington, Charleston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Columbus, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Denver, Des Moines, Detroit, Fresno, Galveston-Houston, Grand Rapids, Greensburg, Hartford, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Jefferson City, Kansas City, Lafayette (IN), Lafayette (LA), Lake Charles, Lancaster, Lexington, Lincoln, Little Rock, Los Angeles, Madison, Manchester, Memphis, Metuchen, Miami, Military Services, Milwaukee, Mobile, Monterey, Nashville (Knoxville), New Orleans, New York City, Newark, Oakland, Oklahoma City, Orange, Orlando, Palm Beach, Paterson, Pensacola, Peoria, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Richmond, Rockford, Roanoke, Salt Lake City, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Fe, Savannah, Seattle, Shreveport, Sioux City, Sioux Falls, St. Augustine, St. Louis, St. Paul-Minneapolis, St. Petersburg, Tulsa, Venice, Washington D.C., Wheeling-Charleston, Wilmington, Worcester, Youngstown.

I have also helped petitioners seeking annulments in the Philippines, Germany, Ireland (Belfast), Australia (Perth and Sydney), Canada (Hamilton), and Norway. International calls can be done using Skype.

Who have I helped? I have assisted individuals from almost every walk of life, such as: doctors, nurses, truckers, cattle ranchers, oil field operators, government workers, small business owners, self-employed, homemakers, accountants, electricians, teachers, pharmacists, police, military, and retired. The age range of all those I have helped has ranged from their twenties to their seventies with the average age in the forties. I have also assisted numerous petitioners who have had more than one marriage.

What is the process? I do a taped interview with each petitioner (or respondent) for 2-3 hours to get the necessary information required by the Tribunal. I am non-judgmental and everything you tell me is strictly confidential. Next I transcribe the interview, organize, edit and re-edit until completed. Your annulment statement will be comprehensive, detailed, and focused on the critical factors that the Tribunal looks at to decide your case. Within two weeks you will have your statement, which have averaged 12-14 pages in length.

Why do it this way? I remove the anxiety that petitioners feel. There is stress having to relive and write painful memories. There are concerns about what to write, what to focus on, how much to write, what to leave out.  Also, I make sure your annulment statement presents your case in the best possible way. You have a lot at stake. It is important to present your annulment statement in the most professional way to help the Tribunal understand your situation.

If you would like to discuss or want additional information, email Bruce at or call or text me at 612-467-9444